Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Feet

Happiness doesn't usually land in your lap...sometimes you have to go looking for it. Beezers numbers 1 & 3 recently took a field trip in search of a little joy.

And what better place to start than here*:

In spite of the tickle torturing pedicurist and his coworker, the Scruberator, our tootsies turned out great!

We even felt lucky to have gone before the little old lady who announced that weird stuff on her foot had been described as {shudder} fungus. We were proud of ourselves for not busting out laughing, too. Unfortunately, unlike the staff, we didn't have an Asian language at our disposal to secretly discuss the fungal dilemma. Luckily we were almost done!

Feeling a little slumpy? Treat your tootsies to some TLC, America!

*PS: Notice that Happy Nails is right next door to Happy Wok. We will have to try their happy lunch some other day.

1 comment:

Beezer No. 3 said...

who knew so much happy could be found in a strip mall? Pedis are definitely more fun with a friend along - the giggle quotient is much higher.