Thursday, September 24, 2009

Make Someone Happy

Do you remember when s n a i l m a i l was all we had? I haunted the mailbox in search of news from camp friends, grandparents, or magazines. Getting mail was tangible proof that someone, somewhere, had been thinking of you.

And then there were packages! What a treat!

Here is a fantastic little video about the joy of unexpected mail. (I'd embed the video but vimeo informs me that's not possible).

As a grown-up, I've developed some sort of postal phobia. I still like making packages and writing letters, but I can't seem to finish the task: wrap up the package, drag myself to the post office, and drop it in the slot or bin. This is silly on so many levels, mostly because once I finally do it, I thrill with anticipation of the receiver getting it. Sending a package is just as good as getting one!

So here is a beezer challenge: make someone happy. Send a package! If funds are short, send a letter! Make it yourself or handpick the contents. Let someone know you were thinking of them. And in case you, too, have postal phobia, here's a deadline: send it by Monday, Sept 28. (This will go down on your permanent record.)


Beezer the First said...

Well, folks. The tap is kinda quiet lately. Hopefully this means youse are high on life. But I'm here to tell you *I* took my homework cereally and sent out four packages Thursday. Heard back from two recipients who said they made their days. No lie!

Beezer No. 3 said...

I have been rather distracted, but think this is a very worthwhile and beezerly thing to, I pledge to write a letter or two this week and maybe move up to a package.

No. 1, you should document your packages and post for us all to enjoy, like Capucine

Beezer the First said...

I promise my mail challenge was not a personal plea for post, but I have to admit -- I got a package! I think this might be a haptap first -- participation from a follower! Kudos to the culprit -- you know who you are! The fan mail is making me feel mighty fabulous!

Beezer No. 3 said...

I finally met the challenge and sent out a package of Halloween goodies to some grateful college girls! - It should make their dorm room mighty festive.