Thursday, May 14, 2009

Maira the Day-dreamer


Beezer No. 3 said...

If we ever needed justification for daydreaming, here it is. Like H, I have a bit of a crush on this woman.

Beezer the First said...

wowie wow wow! did you see that AWESOME tiny furniture?!

(word verification is boomelmi. What does it mean?)

Beezer No. 3 said...

oh yeah. One of my friends has some of those little chairs, which I totally covet.

(dunno. what do you think boomelmi means?...)

Beezer the First said...

boomelmi could be the name of a magician, like, "Boomelmi the Magnificent!"

Or it could be a verb used in Las Vegas, like, "Hey bartender! Boomelmi!"

Or it could be a synonym for schmuck. "What a boomelmi!"

Beezer No. 3 said...

I vote for no. 3. let's start using it.