Thursday, March 12, 2009


Cat on horse @ Yahoo! Video

Best without further ado...go ahead and click!


Beezer the First said...

PS: sorry about the obnoxious commercial at the end.

Beezer Numero Quatre said...

Is it a eurasian member of the Lollipop Guild singing? What IS this music? What magic person knew that it matched this video so perfectly? That cat's chubby paws and head rubbing on that horse's back, along with the LG music, just Made. My. Day.

Beezer the First said...
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Beezer the First said...

Let's try that again -- it's Swedish, from one of the Emil from Lonneberg shows.

This translation is from the original yahoo post:

Here is what the song means in English: Bamse and Little Hop strolled out in the woods then came Shellman, steppilimushroom, tripped on a cat Bamse said: Com here, come here, kitty kitty litte kitty, and you'll get a meatball when we come there as soon as they saw grandma's house high up one the hill, Little Hop ran so fast all the way there and Bamse said: Now you're running too fast, too fast. Wait for us, we have no long legs and Shellman he is tired, tired. Come in, come in, in my cabin and you'll have meatballs with lingonberry and a lot of icecream. Don't you want some honey, big strong Bamse? No thanks, no thanks not now I'm satisfied. Then the little housmouse said: The honey is stolen Bamse ran so fast, so fast, catched Jansson's cat. Noopsy Banoopsy little cat, you'll get a stomach ache And now the story came to it's eeeeend.

Beezer No. 3 said...

No need for the translation to know that it is just plain silly.